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About Us

Autumn Moon Creative is a Dallas-based home and lifestyle brand owned and operated by Yesenia Hernandez. Yesenia believes in designing and making products that bring positivity to your life.

In October of 2018 Autumn Moon was born. What started as a hobby of drawing on an iPad quickly turned into a full time business once Yesenia put her drawings on a T-shirt. Yesenia had no prior business experience, her parents immigrated to the U.S. in their teenage years and always worked blue collar jobs to support their family. Her love for art and design is what drove her to start her own business. She used her bachelors degree in Interior Design and a love for art to fuel her ideas. For the first two years of her business she focused on doing vendor markets and pop ups on the weekends. She used those first two years as a way to market herself and learn about owning a business. In June of 2020 she ran into a great opportunity to open up a 200 sq ft. storefront in Oak Cliff. A place she frequented as a kid when she visited family and now as an adult as well. She was familiar with the area and loved the big Latino community it has. So she decided to open her doors in August of 2020. Covid was just taking off that year so it was a big risk she knew she was taking but it was now or never. There were several obstacles that almost stopped her from opening. Her immediate family, including her, became ill with covid three weeks before her soft opening was scheduled. Her family played a big part in the remodeling process so without them it was hard to move forward and stay on track. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Yesenia ended up in the ER due to Covid and when she arrived at home she received a horrible call that a drunk driver had crashed into the front of the store that night. None of this stopped her. After recuperating from covid she went straight to work and was able to open up a week after previously scheduled. She had one goal and nothing was going to stop her from reaching it. Exactly one year later, 2021, she moved to a bigger location where she is able to host large events and markets. She hosts other women owned businesses, many of them fellow latina vendors. She contributes to her community by helping promote local vendors and donating to local charities. In May of 2022 Yesenia was diagnosed with stage 2 Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Her doctors encouraged her to keep her store open as it would help keep her busy during such a painstaking process. Yesenia did just that and still managed to host multiple events all while doing chemotherapy. She would schedule her events in between treatments when she knew she would be feeling her best. There were many days where the store needed to close for the day due to understaffing or medical emergencies. Finally in December of 2022, Yesenia was declared cancer free and she was able to stop all treatment. She is now getting used to her new normal all while still going strong with Autumn Moon. Yesenia has been relentless and if there’s one thing we can say about her is that nothing will stop her from reaching her dreams.